ArtKelo uses only natural dry-standing logs that were killed naturally in forests of North Karelia.

They have structural integrity and are greener construction products because no live trees were harvested.

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Arctic Pine

Log house is the most cherished dream of many urban residents unlike any other natural materials, wood has it’s own specific features. When people build log houses from timber with the natural level of moisture, they might be disappointed because such timber tends to shrink and warp causing walls to crack.

The problem — when occurs — is both distressing and rather difficult to manage. What we offer is a natural construction material devoid of these drawbacks. This is the Arctic Kelo Pine — the timber of “naturally dry” pine trees.

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log house terrace

«Farytail» two-storey

log house sauna

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log house terrace


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Our team works as a family business, with very close, friendly and long-established relationships among the members.

Each of us is ready to help you in fulfilling your dream to build your own log house that would serve not only to you, but also future generations of your family.

We would love to hear from you.

Dmitry Belyaev,
founder and head of
ArtKelo Company


Moscow Office:

143405, 111 Goliyevo Village Ilyinskoye Highway Krasnogorsk District Moscow Region, Russia

Production in Petrozavodsk:

185509, 2 Meliorativny Town Prionezhsky District, Republic of Korelia, Russia

+7 (495) 640 0380